North Dakota Oil Jobs

Due to the availability of North Dakota oil jobs, a lot of people are flocking to the state to take advantage of opportunities that just aren’t available to them in their home state. It is a known fact that gas and oil are considered important commodities, and the production of them both will cause job opportunities. It is a field that is steadily growing despite the present financial problems in the United States and it is still in high demand for both men and women who are prepared to face the hard work and harsh conditions these jobs require in the state. Workers in the oil rigs in North Dakota are reported to earn incomes that reach six figures. On the other hand, the increased number of North Dakota oil jobs and the money that it offers comes with a number of steep drawbacks, including harsh weather conditions and lack of proper housing facilities.

The state of North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States. This is due to the fact that majority of high paying jobs are at the oil companies, in which workers can earn an average salary of about $100,000 without requiring any experience or even a college degree. The North Dakota oil jobs offered by prominent companies such as Continental Resources, Hess and Halliburton include jobs on the rig, hauling of crude oil and equipment in trucks, administrative tasks and much more.

Of course, the North Dakota oil jobs have several drawbacks that you need to take into consideration if you are planning to apply for one. Majority of these jobs, particularly in the oil companies require long hours and physical labor such as lifting of equipment and maintenance tasks on oil wells. Take note that oftentimes truck drivers and oil field workers survive on only get 3-4 hours of sleep every night just to acquire their overtime pay.

Another big issue with these North Dakota oil jobs is the housing for the workers. Individuals who did not apply for a place to live before moving to the state will only find themselves without a home once they arrive. Thousands of workers and even job hunters that arrive to the oil field resulted to a shortage on the housing, thus forcing beginners and workers to sleep in their vehicles, camping grounds or rest stops. Additionally, being homeless and exposed to the harsh temperatures during the winter in North Dakota makes these oil jobs quite demoralizing.

Depending on your preferences, if you truly want to earn big without minding the physical labor, lack of housing and harsh weather conditions, you might find the available North Dakota oil jobs interesting. While the rigs offer “good paying jobs” and lots of overtime, the conditions can be harsh. If you prefer not to be covered in oil and chemicals, working outdoors in sub-freezing temperatures you may be more suited to truck driving.

Truck drivers in the oil fields of North Dakota are warm in the cabs of their trucks for the better part of their shift and only have to brave the elements for a few hours each day. Truck drivers can earn every bit as much as oil rig workers and sometimes more. If you are interested in applying for a truck driving position with Great Western Resources, please check out our Careers page by clicking the following link. Careers